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Bayer: The source for high-performance coating technology

Ever since Otto Bayer discovered polyurethane chemistry in 1937, Bayer MaterialScience has continued to build on his legacy by developing new technologies in coatings. Our coatings raw materials achieve the high-performance that our customers require. In many cases, our raw materials also provide low volatile organic compound (VOC) content.

Our wide range of raw materials for coatings creates many formulation options for waterborne, solventborne, low-VOC or even coatings without solvents.

High-performance, more environmentally sound more »
High Solids
Reduce VOC emissions without loss of performance more »
UV Technologies
UV-cure coatings are the popular choice more »
Solventborne PU systems for various applications more »
Chlorinated Rubber
Powdered chlorinated polymers more »
Powder Coatings
PU raw materials for eco-friendly powder coatings more »
Functional Coatings
Versatile PU chemistry enables functional coating more »
Bayer MaterialScience
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Digital Printing
Digital printing; Global Production network; Baycusan C; awarded innovation

Digital printing is a new application method for coatings and adhesives.

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